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As Lake Gibson Church, God has called us together to transform lives! 
We do this by gathering, equipping, and scattering in the name of Jesus.. 

Current Series:
Keys To The Kingdom

Something about Jesus captured the imagination and heart of a tax collector turned disciple named Matthew. We're on a journey to discover the keys to the life Jesus lived and the life he has called all of us to in our Fall series "Keys to the Kingdom". Invite friends, neighbors and even enemies this Sunday at 9:30am!

Dive Deeper into the Message 

Our youth team led worship with the theme of Indescribable!  Mandy Stock gave the message and God moved!

Diving Deeper Questions:
1.   Do you live expecting God to show up today, or do you live hoping He will one day?
2. Where do you hear from God the clearest?
3. How are knowledge of God and relationship with God linked together? How are they different from one another?
4. Do you struggle more with knowledge or relationship?
5. What resources do you wish you had to help you grow in knowledge and relationship with God?